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About Us

VenueArc is a SaaS product by Al Rafay Consulting, built to assist theaters, arenas, and auditoriums in adopting cloud-based event booking and venue management technology.

The goal of VenueArc is to streamline and automate the Live Events Industry. Teams can manage more with less by switching from error-prone spreadsheets to a safe, cloud-based, and mobile-friendly platform. With automated event booking, digital contract generation, event settlement, and multi-venue management, VenueArc reduces costly redundancies while enhancing venues’ teamwork and productivity.

VenueArc aims to revolutionize theaters, arenas, and auditoriums with ingenious technologies, robust automation, and customized solutions that are dedicated to the performing arts industry.

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Top Features

Our Values

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

VenueArc is developed for industry experts and by industry experts. The success of VenueArc is due to our technology experts, who have years of experience working with performing arts professionals.

Built With Innovation

Nothing in a process or solution is ever done entirely. VenueArc was founded on a unique and creative concept, and our evolution is a result of our continued commitment to innovation.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team is comprised of enthusiastic and dedicated technology experts that are well-versed in the product. Extending a helping hand to our clients anytime they require it.

Based On Azure SaaS

VenueArc is an enterprise application based on Azure SaaS technology that makes them highly user-friendly, internet-based, and budget-friendly event booking and venue management software.

Our Team

Our team is made up of industry experts who are all passionate about offering the highest-quality solutions that will have an impact. While we do so, our team expands and will continue to offer services that will improve businesses. We have a global team with a variety of viewpoints, expertise, and ideas, enabling us to offer trusted solutions. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment that will advance our firm, promote our innovative mindset, and benefit the performing arts venues.

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