Admin vs Departmental Access

With streamlined administration, admin has full access & departments have predefined restricted access

With the fast growing digital world, security is becoming an important aspect in the newly built applications. VenueArc is keenly designed on the SaaS (Software as a Service) platform keeping the security aspect in loop.

It caters to custom – security restrictions that are required by the businesses. Different roles have been added in order to provide admins full access and departments restricted access.

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Secure Event

Tag the Events as “Secured” and voila!

Rely upon the Secure Event functionality to ensure the event is only displayed to the designated users

Not sure how to keep an important event secure? VenueArc is here to help.

We have incorporated secure event functionality in the system to ensure the secure events are only displayed to the designated users

This functionality can be customized according to the business needs and different validations can be applied to different event statuses.

Granular Permissions

Get as granular as possible with permissions via admin portal

Applying permissions to each component can become a hassle. VenueArc is designed to ease the process of setting up granular permissions across the system. Admin portal can be utlized to set up the roles and permissions according to the security layers required by each business

Systematic Governance

Systematic Governance

Process defined implementation to enforce governance across the organization

Through VenueArc we have ensure to develop the system, that is designed keeping in loop the organizations processes, workflows and policies to enforce systematic governance across the organization.

Secure collaboration

Inter & intra departmental secure collaboration with centralized & restricted visibility

Are you finding it difficult to securely collaborate across different departments? We have got your back! VenueArc is fully supporting the inter & intra departmental communication and collaboration that is secure and provides centralized & restricted visibility across the system according to the roles hierarchy

Settlement Department

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What Our Clients Have Achieved with VenueArc?

Al Rafay Consulting went above and beyond to give us the Event Management tool that we needed to take our organization to the next level. We were in the middle of system development when the COVID-19 pandemic devastated our business. Al Rafay anticipated our needs and partnered with us in order to keep the project moving and ultimately implemented our “go live” in the midst of the most troubling times our business has encountered. Ali and his team developed an events management platform for San Diego Theatres, sat side by side with us while learning our industry and business model, and through it all exhibited patience, collaboration, and resolve to get it done. They truly developed a solution for us, at times knowing what we needed better than we did, that is process-driven, scalable, and sustainable for our future.

Kelly BargabosCFO/COO at San Diego Theatres