Frequently Asked Questions

What is VenueArc?

VenueArc is a Web-based software application that provides a wide range of innovative tools from event booking and management to venue booking and management solutions uniquely developed for the performing arts industry.

What is the cost/fee of VenueArc?

VenueArc is available for a one-time setup fee and an annual/monthly subscription fee, depending on its custom configuration and use range. The subscription is charged per venue and includes unlimited users, service and support, and the full range of features—no customized add-ons or modules are required.

How can I use VenueArc?

VenueArc is completely web-based. You would use a Web browser to access it. After creating an account on VenueArc, you can log in to your account via our login page and begin using our software tools. We do not provide a version of our tool that can be downloaded and installed on your own computer. To better understand our software, we offer a free demo/survey to our clients, so they have full knowledge of our product.

So, do I need to download anything in order to use VenueArc?

Nope. Because our application is entirely Web-based, there is nothing to install or download. All you need is an internet-abled device (computer, laptop, mobile, etc.) with an up-to-date Web browser and a secure and stable internet connection.

How much time will it take my organization to get started with VenueArc?

Depending on the departments that will use the system, possible data conversions, and the size of the training team, your organization can be fully using VenueArc in ( ) /days/weeks.

Does VenueArc integrate with ticketing system for venue booking?

Of course! We have a number of partnerships with other best-in-class systems, such as Nexus Ticketmaster, and we see a lot of value in integrating with your other preferred platforms. Discover more about VenueArc integrations by clicking here.

What are the best web browsers for using VenueArc?

We recommend that you use the most recent version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

What role do user permissions perform in VenueArc?

When a user account is created in VenueArc, he will be assigned multiple roles. This allows the user to access certain features or data. Your System Administrator creates these roles for your VenueArc account, allowing them to be modified for your venue and workflow.

Can I use my tablet or smartphone to access my VenueArc account?

You certainly can. Because our application is mobile-responsive, you can access it through a Web browser on your tablet or smartphone. We do not provide native apps, but our software is designed to work well in Web browsers on all Apple and Android devices.

What is the availability and dependability of VenueArc?

VenueArc is hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring 100% performance and availability. Furthermore, we have a team of resolute support and technical professionals who closely monitor the program and respond to requests 24/7.

What happens to my data if I choose to leave VenueArc?

The client owns any data entered by a client into the VenueArc software. We can export and provide the data to the client upon request.

Who can use VenueArc, and how many users can access the system simultaneously?

We provide an unlimited number of users for VenueArc. There is no restriction on the number of users who can log in and use it simultaneously.

How much training is included in the learning VenueArc system?

When necessary, VenueArc provides all clients with unlimited online training resources and scheduled training over the phone or a shared screen for better collaboration.

How often is VenueArc updated?

VenueArc is frequently updated in order to keep up with the ever-changing technological world and the event industry as a whole.  Any significant updates that may affect the user interface or existing functionality are notified to clients ahead of time.

What should we do if your system goes down?

We make sure that our system never goes down. However, as with any Web-based system, if you are unable to connect to the Internet or if we are down for a shorter period, you will be unable to access your data during that time.

Can I import my existing data into my VenueArc account?

Yes, we can offer you complete assistance in importing your existing data like client information to VenueArc.