Venue Booking

The user-centric, advanced features of VenueArc make it the best choice for booking management of different venues, including theaters, arenas, and auditoriums.

VenueArc allows venue professionals and companies to maintain digital, 24×7 accessible records. By using this software, they can make bookings for performances, events, and plays in an efficient and fast-paced manner.

Venue management firms can use the feature-rich booking calendar to add, edit, or view events. It is suitable for theatre, arena, and auditorium managers. They can also reschedule events conveniently if the need arises. The booking calendar comes with different filters, which the venue company can apply to find and sort specific events. They can also create notes about plays, performances, and events and find them easily later on using this VenueArc. This way, no important detail will be missed as it will be recorded digitally and accessible at any time.

Venue management companies can also maintain notes for different performances using VenueArc. These notes can be sorted, viewed, and edited easily. Other features of VenueArc that make it suitable for event managers include client management, event portal, deposit settlement, event settlement, etc.

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What Our Clients Have Achieved with VenueArc?

Al Rafay Consulting went above and beyond to give us the Event Management tool that we needed to take our organization to the next level. We were in the middle of system development when the COVID-19 pandemic devastated our business. Al Rafay anticipated our needs and partnered with us in order to keep the project moving and ultimately implemented our “go live” in the midst of the most troubling times our business has encountered. Ali and his team developed an events management platform for San Diego Theatres, sat side by side with us while learning our industry and business model, and through it all exhibited patience, collaboration, and resolve to get it done. They truly developed a solution for us, at times knowing what we needed better than we did, that is process-driven, scalable, and sustainable for our future.

Kelly BargabosCFO/COO at San Diego Theatres