All-Inclusive Event Management Portal

A centralized event portal for every event in the application. The portal consists of multiple event management tools and resources required for accurate and efficient event operations management.

We have built a centralized event management portal that ensures easy navigation and processing without wasting time and effort through our event booking software.
The portal includes all of the essential aspects of the event, making it simplified and accessible moreover providing an overview of the considerable recent updates.

We create the portal’s custom layout, UI, and functionality, meeting all your business requirements.

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Custom-designed Event Details

Access all the details of an event, displayed in a modern UI and tailored as per business needs

VenueArc never lets you miss anything. You can readily find all of the details related to an event in the event details form. The modern UI allows you to edit and update the event form with out any hassle.

The form can be personalized to meet the business needs; fields can be changed, the layout of the form can be changed, and validations can be added as needed.

Classified Event List with Meta Data

Grid view event database enriched with search, sort and filter capabilities

Trying to find an event from a stream of events can be stressful, so we have built an Event List View into our event booking software that allows users to browse all of the events and their basic details in one room.

The smart option of filters and sorting in the dashboard is designed to help you quickly navigate the event you’re looking for. Depending on the business needs, we support complete customization. New filters and sorting can be added to any new event columns on the list view.


Well-tabled Performance Management

Effective and efficient way for managing consecutive and non-consecutive performances of an event

Managing and tracking multiple performances can be complicated and confusing. Our solution makes performance management and scheduling easy on both consecutive and non-consecutive dates.

We’ve incorporated a feature that allows you to autogenerate performances with just one click, saving you the time of manually adding them. We facilitate complete customization of the features and functionalities needed by the business to achieve its goals and objectives.

Consolidated Contract configuration & Contract Generation

Contract Generation in the most convenient way with user desired numeric input.

We have integrated contract details and generator modules within the Event Management portal to assure that all essential sections of the business are accessible through a single platform.

Once all the required inputs are added to the contact form, the contract can be generated from there only. Admins can also use the admin portal to set predefined values, which saves the user from having to manually enter all of the numbers. We can customize any aspect of the module, including the contract form fields and contract templates used in contract generator.

One-Click Contract Generation

Streamlined Deposit schedule & Financials

Manage and setup all the deposit schedule and financial details hassle-free without worrying about complex processing

To save time in processing the financial data, we have integrated deposit schedules and financials within the event management portal to ensure that all financials are accessible through a single portal.

All financial payments can be tracked with their details using this module. This comes with an input form to gather numbers from users. For an overview, a summary is available of all payment information, deposit schedules, and other financial payments.

We provide exclusive customization by enabling users to request changes to input fields, form details, and financial views based on their specific business conditions.

Well-structured Document Management Repository

Access the most organized and simplified Document management system with external sharing capabilities

Event management entails a myriad of documents, all of which must be organized. With customized functionality and faster functioning, our document management system will prove to be a massive help.

Our solution includes a document management repository that can be utilized to organize event-related files into sorted folders for easy navigation. You can share the files externally as well as customization is also supported which includes layout, folder structure, and list storage.

With VenueArc, you can get complete customization to achieve your business’s needs and expectations, whether the layout, folder structure, or the entire document storage operation.

Accounting planning budget concept : Business woman offices work

Effortless Event Rescheduling

Event Rescheduling will not be a nightmare anymore! Right from the click of the ensure smooth rescheduling of an event

Is event rescheduling interfering with overall event management? We’ve come up with an event booking software for this trouble. We have a specific module in our Event Management Portal that displays an event rescheduling view.

Through this section, we can set up validations for rescheduling the event and apply some constraints that will prevent the event from being rescheduled, depending on the required business demands.

We facilitate complete customization of the design, UI, functionality, and other features to fit your business needs.

Integrated Event Settlement

Intuitive, customized & dynamic settlement platform equipped with tools and resources to cater all aspects of event settlements

Is the event settlement becoming nightmare for you? We have got you covered! We have incorporated the event settlement module within the event management portal in order to make it accessible. It is equipped with an intuitive settlement form to initiate the settlement and that also supports multiple performance settlements.

All the settlements can be viewed in a centralized interface i.e. settlement dashboard. We fully support customization to the existing modules as per the business requirements and the modifications can range from new fields, validations, layout to custom functionality.


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Al Rafay Consulting went above and beyond to give us the Event Management tool that we needed to take our organization to the next level. We were in the middle of system development when the COVID-19 pandemic devastated our business. Al Rafay anticipated our needs and partnered with us in order to keep the project moving and ultimately implemented our “go live” in the midst of the most troubling times our business has encountered. Ali and his team developed an events management platform for San Diego Theatres, sat side by side with us while learning our industry and business model, and through it all exhibited patience, collaboration, and resolve to get it done. They truly developed a solution for us, at times knowing what we needed better than we did, that is process-driven, scalable, and sustainable for our future.

Kelly BargabosCFO/COO at San Diego Theatres