Innovative Event Booking Form

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could book multiple events without needing paper documents? It’s possible with event booking software.

With the modern event booking form in VenueArc, you can now experience a paperless, digitalized, and innovative booking experience. Get yourself released from unlimited stacks of booking forms because VenueArc offers a simplified and intuitive event booking form.

You just need to fill out the required details, select the event dates, and the number of performances, and here you go! Your event is booked without any trouble.

Book more in lesser time! Learn how VenueArc can help make that happen.

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Manage Complex Events Seamlessly

Are you an event manager of the performing arts center? If yes! Then you must be having trouble managing complex events.

Complex events require a multi-functional platform that automates each and every step of event booking and management. That’s exactly what VenueArc is built for! The ability to manage consecutive and non-consecutive events makes it unique from others and releases event managers from the hassle of complex management.

Our SaaS-based event booking software fully centralized everything, from sales, billings, and floor plans to communications and client information.

Scheduling Multi-Week Events Is Now Effortless

Is hosting a multi-week event complicated? The event booking feature in VenueArc has got your back!

Now scheduling and hosting multi-week events is easier! With this feature, you just have to select the event starting and ending dates after filling out some mandatory fields regarding your events.

Whether the events will continue to a single or multi-week, adding them will be like a breeze!

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Integrate Event-Supported Documents

We know it’s complicated to track the documents of each event in your theater. Therefore, VenueArc enables you to instantly track event-supported documents.

Upload all event-critical documents easily and access them with one click from VenueArc’s event booking calendar screen. Grant role-based permissions for maintaining strong data security.

Everyone you grant permission can access supporting documents about a show from anywhere at any time with its cloud-based technology. This can include any files required to execute the performance, general notes, and running orders.

Secure Your Events With Just One Click

With VenueArc, you don’t have to worry about the security of your event data. Maintain the confidentiality of specific events by just tagging them as secure.

VenueArc thoroughly understands the cruciality of the performing arts domain. Therefore, it has the option of securing critical events with just one-click tagging. By using this feature in our event booking software, you can control who can or cannot view the details of secure events.

Furthermore, admins can set customized permissions for better data privacy over event bookings. That’s why we call VenueArc, a safe, secure, and reliable software for events.

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Manage Your Venue Easily

Let's take you on a walk-through tour of how VenueArc can make venue management faster, better, and easier so your venue is never under-booked.

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VenueArc has transformed our back office operations with their fresh, simplified and scalable solution to Venue Management. Like many in the performing arts and live events industry, San Diego Theatres produces flawless and magical events for our clients and patrons, but we struggled behind the scenes with managing the back office tasks required to make these events happen. Our system was cumbersome, clunky, manual, closed off, inflexible, not intuitive and difficult to scale. We were using an outdated software system as our booking calendar and to store some client information, with extremely limited capability and access that was granted to a select few. We had manual and electronic files scattered throughout the organization. The VenueArc platform addressed the universal challenge of shrinking resources and increasing complexity with efficiency, transparency and collaboration, that has united our departments from programming to production to finance. From the calendar to the contract, from the event to settlement, and everything in between, VenueArc has become the sole source of event information and system of record that has allowed San Diego Theatres to manage the back office as well as we do the event itself.

Carol WallacePresident & CEO at San Diego Theatres