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VenueArc comes packed with Enterprise  Features to make your Venue booking experience better, faster and easier

Our SaaS product, VenueArc automates manual process and provides a streamlined dynamic solution through innovation, automation, and simplification.

  • An advanced set of user-centric features
  • Venue and Event booking management, & handling made easy
  • Manage booking calendar & add new events on the go

Book more in lesser time! Learn how VenueArc can help make that happen.

Feature-Rich Event Booking Calendar

The only master booking calendar you need to manage the lifecycle of all your venue events.

Do you want to integrate multiple venues in a single booking calendar? Maybe color code each event, add a dozen statuses and print this entire view in PDF? This is exactly what VenueArc’s modern event booking calendar does plus a lot more.

Not only is our venue booking software easy to use, but it also comes bundled with views and filters to help you quickly find the event details. With VenueArc’s interactive calendar, you can hover to view everything from the start date of an event to the client it’s used for and click to get quick access to notes, event ops, and settlement power menus. You can also have the booking calendar as a standalone module to ensure a faster event booking experience.

Sophisticated Event Booking Scheduler

Simplify the complex process of booking multiple events with the highly organized event booking scheduler.

The biggest challenge for any event booking and management process is to book events that span multiple days, especially non-consecutive days.

Venue management  software offers the ability for users to book events for single date, multiple dates (yes, both consecutive and non-consecutive dates), single-week or even multi-week events. This allows you to maximize your bookings and make sure every single slot is booked. According to customer feedback, this is the biggest reason why venues love VenueArc.

Extra-Accessible Event Management Options

Save more time with easy access to everything you need to manage your entire event ops using venue software.

Are you scrambling to find where is the contract information, where is the deposit schedule or where are the event settlement and event documents?

VenueArc exactly addresses this problem every venue manager face by providing super-easy access to all the event details, contract information, deposit schedule, financial details, event notes and documents. It comes packed with Client CRM and offers a central storage for all event documents and digital files

Organized Event and Performance Notes

Capture event notes effortlessly with VenueArc. Always accessible and super-handy. 

VenueArc allows you to organize and maintain not just the event notes but also notes for every performance.

Have you struggled to keep up with an ever-increasing array of sticky notes all over the place? VenueArc helps you better organize the notes by giving the control back to you. Not only can you easily manage event notes, but you can also add notes for every performance separately. This saves you a lot of time and hassle, not to mention, eliminates the need to rummage through piles of diaries and sticky notes to find the right note at the right time.

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VenueArc has transformed our back office operations with their fresh, simplified and scalable solution to Venue Management. Like many in the performing arts and live events industry, San Diego Theatres produces flawless and magical events for our clients and patrons, but we struggled behind the scenes with managing the back office tasks required to make these events happen. Our system was cumbersome, clunky, manual, closed off, inflexible, not intuitive and difficult to scale. We were using an outdated software system as our booking calendar and to store some client information, with extremely limited capability and access that was granted to a select few. We had manual and electronic files scattered throughout the organization. The VenueArc platform addressed the universal challenge of shrinking resources and increasing complexity with efficiency, transparency and collaboration, that has united our departments from programming to production to finance. From the calendar to the contract, from the event to settlement, and everything in between, VenueArc has become the sole source of event information and system of record that has allowed San Diego Theatres to manage the back office as well as we do the event itself.

Carol WallacePresident & CEO at San Diego Theatres