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How to Add a New Event?

Adding the event in our portal is fairly easy. Use the following comprehensive guide to add in the Event.

  • Click New Event, on the left navigation bar
  • Or click on specific date on the event boking page. Add event button will be displayed. Click on the Add Event button
  • Add event form will be displayed
  • Fill in the form (note: labels marked with * are required fields)
  • Check on the secure check box to mark the event as secured
  • This event will be displayed with a lock on the booking calendar and can only be accessed by Admin User
  • Enter event start and End dates in the Event Dates Section
  • For events that consists of non-consecutive date series, click on the Add icon to add a new row for another date series
  • Click on delete button to delete the row
  • Click on SET EVENT DAYS button to proceed further
  • All Event Days per the date series selection are displayed in a list view
  • To set multiple performances in a single day uncheck ‘All Day’ checkbox
  • Add the number of performances in Performance(s) field
  • Click on SET DAYS PERFORMANCE button to proceed further
  • On click, performances are dynamically generated and displayed in a list view
  • Add input for In Use, Discounted Fee and Standard Fee fields for each performance
  • Click on Bulk Edit button
  • On click bulk edit, a popup will occur to fill the relevant information for performances
  • Select Status and Standard Fee
  • Select Checkbox for performances which you want to add data
  • Click Update Button
  • On click, you will be redirected to the performances table
  • Fields marked with an asterisk are required and must be filled to submit the form.
  • Click Submit button
  • On click, page will be redirected to the Event booking

Additional Buttons on Add Event Form

  • Click Calendar button, to go back to the calendar view
  • Click View list button, to view the event list
  • Click cancel button, to refresh the page
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