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How to Find an Existing Event?

There are four places from where you can access the existing events:
1. Global Search
2. Event Booking Calendar
3. Event List
4. Search Bar

1. From Global Search

  • Search bar integrated in the header of the page
  • Enter the keyword and Event IDs in the search bar to find an event
  • Relevant search results will be displayed with Event ID, Event start, and End date and Venue embedded at the end as identifier
  • Click an event to access its Event Portal page
  • On click, event portal page of the selected event will be displayed

2. From Event Booking Calendar

  • Navigate to the Event booking page
  • Click filter button and select the options relevant to the event
  • Or by using Jump to Date feature
  • Using any of the above route, event will be displayed on the calendar as per selection made
  • Click event name, following pop up appears
  • Click Event portal
  • On click, following page is displayed
  • Click on, View button to open the event Form in read only mode
  • On click on Event option on the Calendar
  • Click on respective form to access it directly from the calendar

3. From Event List

  • Click on Event List from the left side navigation
  • Event list page of the application
  • Find an Existing settlement using customized filters
  • Click on Filter button
  • On click, filter options modal will be displayed
  • Select start date
  • Select end date
  • Select venue
  • Select Event Status
  • Select Client
  • Click Apply Filter button
  • Filtered data will be displayed in the data table
  • Click Clear button, to reset the filter selections
  • Click Save Filter button, to save the filtered data
  • Every time user selects event list from left navigation, they will see data according to the selected filters
  • Saved filtered data will be displayed in the data table

4. Find an existing event using Search bar functionality

  • Click on Search bar, to search an existing event
  • Type in the relevant keyword and search results will be displayed in the data
  • To change the number of records per page, use the custom pagination at the bottom of the web page
  • By default, 50 records are displayed
  • Navigate from the first to Last page using the arrow buttons
  • Click on Ellipsis to access view button for the event portal page
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