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Product Patch 1.1

Holidays on Calendar:

  • Holidays options is added to the Event Application
  • User can add holidays to view on calendar
  • Holidays option is added to the Admin Center
  • Calendar view

Loader Stuck on Delete Event

  • Loader stuck issue is fixed
  • User will not see any breakage on any functionality

Calendar date issue of +1 hour (Day light savings)

  • Calendar date issue fixed of +1 hour on a day in a year

Settlement PDF Report

  • Remove $0 line(s)
  • $0 line(s) will be ignored in new release for below
  • Print to PDF
  • Export to Excel
  • Reduce 1px font size
  • Remove Blank line spaces
  • Signature line added to the new PDF Design
  • Cosmetic and layout updates
  • Print to PDF (Artist) button is disabled temporarily

Change Operation to Programming

  • Replaced Operations accordion with Programming

Remove Settlement Status from Settlement

  • Removed settlement status from below settlement options
  • Print to PDF
  • Export to Excel

Dynamic Dropdown on Settlement

  • Made Year dropdown dynamic
  • Current Year & -1 will display on Year dropdown
  • Based on event start date/year (distinct)

Documents for Future Events

  • Future Events
  • Settlement enabled w/ document management system

Global Search Optimization:

  • We optimized the global search for application user to increase its usability and to make it a valuable feature to enhance the application.
  • Global search will have the ability to search child object as Event ID’s and Event Name Keyword

Settlement Department Input:

  • We Introduced the departmental Input functionality via document upload
  • Update templates as per implementation
  • Fields which are entered in Event contract and auto populated in settlement, they will not be uploaded via templates.
  • Predefined Templates will be acceptable
  • Designed templates details
  • Fields binds with the GL Code and Account Name
  • Upload Template in the Upload section
  • Fill Template Data button
  • Auto pull values from uploaded template
  • Store into the respective fields
  • Uploaded template will be saved in the uploaded document(s) section on submit

User Security Model:

  • We Introduced the security model for Event Management Application by using Group, Users and Permission options in Admin center
  • Create a Group
  • Create and assign groups to Users
  • Add permission to Group
  • Allow Permission by modules and sub modules like Full Access, Add, Edit, View, Delete

Date Format consistency:

  • Date format is consistent across the Application to mm/dd/yyyy

General Updates:

  • On Add form, we have an Ellipsis button displayed to switch to other modules of event portal. Previously It was prompting Invalid error which is fixed now
  • Null Returns on New contract – Special term was returning NULL which is Fixed now
  • Calculation was not accurate in Export to Excel for Settlement – Adjusted Amount Due To/From which is Fixed now
  • Accordions instant close issue – All accordions were closed instantly, when open closed/opened any single accordion which is Fixed now
  • Settlement PDF – Fixed Expenses spelling
  • Event Details – In Use field – Replaced “Performance – non – Ticket” with “Performance – Non – Ticketed”
  • Client Management – Contact Person form – Add button is updated with Update button
  • View icon and Tool tip – Across the Application
  • Removed Edit icon
  • Add View icon
  • Added Tooltip

Add sorting on Settlement Dashboard:

  • Replaced Status with Stage – Sorting added to column

View mode changes:

  • Enabled scrolling vertically on forms – View mode
  • Enabled Expand collapse accordions – View mode

New Navigation Category Added:

  • User Manual & Feedback
  • User Manual – This will link to the user manual document stored in the document’s library
  • Submit Feedback – This will link to the feedback tracker
Product by Al Rafay Consulting