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Product Patch 1.2

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the first row delete performance issue
  • User will be able to delete Hold performances under Performance section in Event details
  • Added Client filter on Event Booking and Event List
  • Fixed calendar issue – User will be redirected on the calendar to the actual month of the selected performance from Event details
  • Updated the Event Report Master to Event Overview
  • Report will have the ability to filter based on Date Range, Venue, Status, Category, Event Type.
  • Report Data points will be Event ID, Performer, Venue, Genre, Performance Type, Non-Profit, Start Date, End Date, Number Perf, Days Rental, License/Rental Fee, NP Discount, Average Rental/Day
  • Fixed Profit/Nonprofit issue – Criteria updated as per Excel filters provided by Kelly
  • Created a view for member of group. Added an option under ellipsis for user list view

Settlement Modules

  • Added attendance field
  • Changed the field type Currency to Numeric
  • Changed the location of attendance field
  • Moved out from the ticketing department section
  • Created a separate accordion for attendance input
  • We have introduced a new design for attachment functionality
  • Introduced ellipsis on the Settlement list; Open, Department Input, Settlement Report
  • Event dropdown will be more detailed in new settlement form to include Event Name, Event Start date, Event End date
  • Enhanced UI of Delete attachment button
  • New settlement from the event details page (Ellipsis) will be able to auto populate the event information

ENHANCEMENT: Event Booking and Portal

  • Added the following option on the event quick navigation from calendar
  • Added several options on Event Portal Ellipsis like Event Document, Event Reschedule, Event Notes, Performance Notes
  • Enhanced the UI of the Event Portal Page – look and feel of the portal page for a better user experience
  • Event Booking – User can go through the overall app after selecting filters – Selected filters will be locked and will not reset until the user clears the filter.
  • Event List – User can go through the overall app after selecting filters – Selected filters will be locked and will not reset until the user clears the filter.

ENHANCEMENT: Application Updates & UI/UX

  • Loader added on Event Contract
  • Loader will be visible on the New Contract until all the prepopulated fields are loaded.
  • Updated the text of Error message on Event Details
  • Introduced Back to top button on the application
  • Admin Center – Contract Fields. Updated the field/control base on selected value of ‘Field type’ in contract fields/contract types. Applied on Default value field
  • Global search optimization. Results will be displayed in a more informative layout to include Event Name, Event ID, Event Start Date, Event End Date, Event Venue
  • Enhanced UI for Search
  • Success loader will disappear quickly.
  • Ordering will be updated in the Event Contract on submitted form.
  • Secured Events display on Event Booking. On clicking the lock, secured event will be visible without switching its position.
  • Updated button text from Add to Update on edit financials.
  • Client dropdown will have more information in event details to include Client Name, Address, City
  • Amount and Date will be required in Event Deposit schedule form
  • Enhanced search boxes across the Application
  • Enhanced left side navigation with more relatable icons
  • Enhanced the validation error message for the New events date selection. Added the following entities to the validation message: Event Name, Event/Performance date, Event status
  • Unavailable dates will be visible in series
  • Improved the UI/UX of the validation message.
  • Fixed document set issue
  • Improved the backend logic of Document set creation
  • Event Documents and settlement documents will be uploaded successfully.
  • Fixed Left Navigation scroll
  • User Manual & Feedback will be displayed properly on scroll.
  • Fixed the disable mode/view mode
  • All fields will be grayed out and remain disabled in the view mode.

ENHANCEMENT: Client Management Portal

  • New Contact Form along with multiple validations
  • New Client Form along with multiple validations
  • Introduced ellipsis on Client list
  • View Notes button will be displayed on Client view form
  • Increased font size of Event ID on the Event details

NEW FEATURE: Bulk Edit Performances

  • We have added a bulk edit option to edit bulk performances in one go for following fields like Status, Discounted Fees, Standard Fees


  • We have added a section of Event Notes on Event Portal page
  • User will be able to add notes from the Event portal page
  • Restructured & UI/UX redesign for Event Notes modal
  • Notes input box will be displayed on top
  • Notes list will be displayed at bottom

ENHANCEMENT: New Fields in Event Contract

  • Following two fields will be added in the Contract fields in Admin Center for the New contract field form, Occurrence and Description
  • New fields will be displayed on the Event Contract as columns in view only mode.
  • New fields will auto populate the information on the new contract.

NEW FEATURE: Delete Performance Feature from Calendar

  • We have introduced delete performance directly from the Event Booking Calendar
  • An individual performance can be deleted directly from the calendar

ENHANCEMENT: Integrational and UI Updates

  • Enhanced the integration of Monthly Notes and Venue
Product by Al Rafay Consulting