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Product Patch 1.3

General Updates

  • Introduced the by default filtered data option for Application User
  • Ability to save filters for Event list
  • User will be able to save filters according to the selection made in the event list filter section
  • User will be able to render results by default based on last saved filters.
  • Introduced Event Summary Report
  • Event summary report will generate and render all the information of the event
  • Report have Filters and contain multiple sections from event portal like Event Details, Contract Information, Deposit Schedule, Financials, Event Notes, Event Reschedule, Event Settlement, Event Documents
  • Introduced Event Highlights Report
  • Event Highlights report will include cumulative and last year data for the events
  • Report will be generated data by default for the current fiscal year
  • Reports will consist of Cumulative View and Fiscal Year Breakdown – Month Breakdown View
  • Report have multiple features like Filters, Report Data points for Cumulative View, Report Data points for Monthly Breakdown View
  • Introduced Event Rental Days Report
  • Report will be generated by default for current fiscal year
  • Previous fiscal years data will also be added in report view
  • Report have an option to make comparison between current and previous fiscal year data

NEW FEATURE: Responsive Application

  • Introduced responsiveness on the application
  • Application will be fully functional on smaller devices
  • Introduced a user-friendly UI/UX for smaller devices

ENHANCEMENT: Application Updates & UI/UX Updates

  • Added asterisk to the required fields
  • User will not be able to submit the form without the required fields where necessary
  • Add New Event – Submit button will redirected to the Event booking Page
  • Remove black borders from headers across the application
  • Remove black borders from buttons across the application
  • Notes Icon Issue Fixed. Notes icon will only be visible on Event Notes and Performance Notes. Previously it was displayed with Delete Performance link
  • Filter side popup will be closed instantly on click outside of the popup window
  • Notes popup will not be closed instantly on click outside of the popup window
  • Fixed the Event swap issue for secured events. On click secured event will not change position.
  • Admin Center – User
  • Introduced the functionality to filtered out Inactive/System Generated users list on the user page

ENHACEMENT: Fixed Navigation & UI/UX of the Buttons

  • Repositioned quick buttons across the application
  • Buttons position will be moved to the top left of every page of the application
  • Fixed the button navigation
  • Buttons will be following the scroll of the page
  • Changed the UI of the Edit, Cancel, Notes and New buttons on the application
  • Enhanced the UI/UX of the Ellipsis across the application
  • Added EMAP Logo on the header
  • On click user will be redirected to the event booking calendar

ENHANCEMENT: UI/UX Updates on Event Booking

  • We have introduced new design for Event Booking
  • Improved the look and feel of the Calendar
  • Improved the Event Booking Calendar design
  • Improved the Color schemes
  • Improved the Event Hover description
  • We have enhanced Day and Week View on Event Booking
  • UI of the week view will be same as monthly view
  • Week View will be functional as month view, all options available on week view will be functional
  • UI of the day view will be same as monthly view
  • Day View will be functional as month view, all options available on day view will be functional
Product by Al Rafay Consulting