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Product Patch 1.4

General Updates

  • Autosave is implemented for template uploads
  • Food and Beverages section is created in Settlement Report
  • Attendances by Performance module is developed and introduced on the settlement form
  • Public Safety account description is changed
  • Select all option is added in performance dropdown in event settlement form
  • Date sorting issue is updated
  • Update to existing event will now redirect to Event Portal instead of Calendar
  • Export to excel button is added for Client Data Export. Export to Excel button is added on Client list for export all client information with contacts information.
  • Fixed the Deposit section issue to display financials information on settlement report for settlement category CB, LMJS, SDO

NEW FEATURE: Client Documents

  • Introduced a document repository for Clients.
  • Document repository will be created when new client initiates.
  • Document button will be displayed on top bar and it will be redirected to document repository for document uploads.


  • Introduced Venue form
  • User will be able to add Venue
  • Select Venue Name
  • Select short code
  • User can set active/inactive venue

NEW FEATURE: Event Status Form

  • User will be able to add Event Status
  • Select Group/Child
  • Select Background Color
  • Select Text Color
  • Select Calendar chip Color
  • User can set active/Inactive event status

ENHANCEMENT: Application Updates & UI/UX Updates

  • Introduced new loader designs
  • Edit notes features is added on Client Notes, Event Notes, Monthly Notes, Performances Notes
  • Update the time stamp design on all above notes modules.
  • Event calendar flag chips can be used as filters.
  • Enhance the delete performance setup from event details.
  • User can delete performance by just click the delete button
  • Validation updates in client management for contact form.

ENHANCEMENT: Backend Updates

  • Event creation logic is updated, performance of event creation will be increased
  • Introduced performance optimization across the application to enhance the performance of the application
  • Introduced new page for incorrect URLs prompting Page not found errors
  • Access denied page if logged in by unauthorized user having no rights to access EMAP

ENHANCEMENT: Event Settlement Updates

  • Created and Created By is added in Event settlement list
  • Update the logic of modified and modified by in Event settlement list
  • Not submitted tags will be visible on every department for user to fill the information.
  • Time stamp will be visible on every department
  • Enhanced the UI of settlement Department
  • Delete will be available for every department to delete the complete data per department
Product by Al Rafay Consulting