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How Can the Performing Arts Industry Leverage from Azure SQL Database?

October 3, 2022July 13th, 2023Blog

One of the enterprise technologies with the quickest growth is cloud computing. Organizations looking for better replacements for on-premises data centers and servers are particularly fond of online data storage. More and more businesses are seeing the advantages of transferring their database architecture from on-premises facilities to public or hybrid cloud environments. Performing arts industry is not behind others. Many theaters and other live events organizations have already adopted cloud solutions or are seeking one. Fifty percent of all corporate data already resides on the cloud, according to Statista. Cloud storage solutions have increased significantly over the past few years and are continually growing. And one of the most versatile cloud solution is Azure SQL database.

You must be thinking about how this technology can assist you in managing your live events data and how you can get it as a centralized solution. Don’t worry; you don’t have to hire any costly Azure expert to get this innovative solution for events data management. Because an event booking software that comes integrated with Azure SQL database can cover all your data management needs, you don’t have to walk through apps or manage the system by yourself. The software vendor will manage all these scenarios on your behalf.

To make you completely familiar with the need, worth, and benefits of Azure SQL technology for the performing arts industry, we have compiled an easy-to-understand journey.

Keep reading to enjoy this interesting technology ride!

Massive Data Management- A Dilemma in Performing Arts Industry  

Many business industries have digitized more and more during the past decade. Organizations can track every dollar they spend and determine their return on investment. However, the digital transformation of live event management in performing arts industry has encountered significant challenges. That includes the inherent difficulties of planning and evaluating the effects of live events. Since most engagement occurs in the real world rather than online via websites, landing pages, or emails. The industry hasn’t had a good view of the value that events produce.

Fortunately, a wave of innovation has provided early adopters with the tools they need to improve the situation drastically. Online and offline worlds are becoming more and more integrated due to Azure cloud solutions.

Tremendous Amount Of Data Coming From Performing Arts Centers

Performing arts organizations are where data comes from various departments, including administration, senior management, finance and accounts, marketing, and many other divisions. The industry requires a robust data management system to store, manage, secure, and transform this data.

Azure SQL Database Integrated With Event Booking Software For Performing Arts Industry 

The Azure SQL database from Microsoft is a popular option for businesses looking to use cloud storage. One of the best cloud-based data management platforms is Microsoft Azure SQL.

Scalable Cloud Storage with Azure SQL Database

In comparison to on-premises databases, Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a cloud-based relational database service that aims to provide improved availability, durability, and scalability.

Compelling Benefits By Azure SQL Database 

This dynamic database provides a wealth of capabilities and adaptable solutions for a wide range of business requirements.

Modernized Automation In Management

Users of Azure SQL Database can skip many management-related tasks to concentrate on their data’s value. Automatic methods for enhancing reliability and data security, intelligent performance tweaking based on learning usage patterns, and numerous adaptive procedures to maintain hosted databases’ speed and availability are all built-in capabilities.

Azure SQL managed instances offer seamless, secure app migration from on-premises to the cloud and access to the Azure Resource Manager API for cloud computing — all without the need to purchase additional hardware — for companies wishing to update their data pipeline.

Access Management

The Azure SQL Database provides role-based Access Control (RBAC) and server-level firewall protection to maintain data integrity. In Azure, you may control user and application access to resources by establishing level-based permissions. You can divide the tasks among your team members and grant users the appropriate amount of access.

Data Security

Data security is ensured by limiting database access based on firewall rules and authentication protocols. Based on IP address, the firewall permits access to databases, and proactive monitoring tools like the threat detection service send out alerts for suspicious activity and SQL injection assaults.

Data Protection

SQL Database offers encryption, which aids in protecting your data. It makes use of transport layer security for data in motion and enables transparent encryption for data at rest. It makes use of Always Encrypted for data in use.

Discovering And Classifying Data

Data discovery and classification in Azure SQL Database offers tools for finding, categorizing, labeling, and safeguarding the confidential data in your databases. It gives you visibility into the status of your database’s classification and keeps track of who has access to sensitive information inside and outside the database.

Multi-Factor Authentication And Azure Active Directory Integration

With the integration of Azure Active Directory, SQL Database allows you to easily manage the identities of database users and other Microsoft services. This feature makes managing permissions easier and improves security.

Event Management Software Combined With Azure SQL Database

An event management software for the live events industry must be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. The workloads and confusions increase when there are too many systems, including numerous disconnected spreadsheets. It is pretty challenging to integrate complex scenarios like this throughout a company. This complicates the flow of your documents, contracts, client information, financial metrics, and other event-related data.

Venues with a streamlined system, like a single database, typically have an easier time documenting how operations should function and can offer better training to new users. The adoption of event management systems is left as a legacy.

To provide a streamlined database system to performing arts centers, we have integrated the Azure SQL database in VenueArc to provide event professionals with a centralized data management solution.

VenueArc offers the most innovative cloud technology Microsoft Azure SQL that helps them store and secure an enormous amount of data in the Azure cloud.

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