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How To Make Your Upcoming Event Successful With VenueArc?

February 3, 2022August 23rd, 2023Blog
Successful Event Booking

Do you know where histories are encapsulated? In places. In places that are big and luxurious or small and intimate. Memories are compressed into and associated with the locations they were made in. What if people look back to take a walk down the ‘event’ lane, and their memory is soured by what they see? They see a venue that was nothing more than a space to put up people, a venue with no ambiance, a mismanaged venue that made the event ordinary and, even worse, unsuccessful. As an event planner and venue manager, do you want to carry the weight of the fact that you made an event less momentous for someone it mattered to? Certainly not. As an event planner, if you want to organize successful events with a memorable trail, you need to narrow down event-appropriate venues from the list of all the great spaces you know of. And as a venue professional, you need to heed the needs of the event planners; otherwise, you will end up being underbooked. So what is it that the event planners need, and how are the professional venue operations teams supposed to help?

A Venue that Matches the Needs of Event Promotors

It is essential to acquaint yourself with Event promotors’ expectations because they are whom you closely work with. Let’s put you in their shoes and ask a million-dollar question. Would you heed a small, boxy, far-flung venue for the concert of Bad Bunny (or any other performer for the record)? Not, and so wouldn’t they. They know that he is the new talk of the town (read: world) and a highly anticipated singer. They have booked him for a hefty amount; now, they need to make it through. Accomplished event promotors will scout a venue that is accessible to their target audience, is spacious, and has a unique atmosphere that appeals to the visitors. For them, what outranks everything else in importance is choosing the right venue way betimes. A venue that:

  • It is not far-flung in a deserted area (unless ultimately required)
  • It has an ambiance and mood that appeals to the audience
  • Has acoustics that compliments your sound systems
  • can room your anticipated target number.
  • It is inviting and not raw and edgy
  • It has a spacious parking lot

Sometimes, even when your venue is an ideal facility in an ideal location at an ideal time, your venue still is miserably underbooked. As a result, revenue fails to come through, and the incurred losses feel irrecoverable. This is a commonly cited problem of event and venue managers. Despite having invested so much energy, money, and time in the venue, venue professionals cannot attract performers and promoters. If you are floundering around the same pool of problems and reading this article, you are already making progress. What you need in your business are some automation and simplification.

How is VenueArc Helping Venue operations teams with their Woes?

VenueArc is the robust, ingenious Event Management Software behind many fully booked venues. It is a technological revolution in itself that has helped theatres, auditoriums, and arenas effortlessly manage the workflows of their venues by automating, innovating, and simplifying the manual processes involved in event planning and venue operations. Here is how VenueArc is helping to make your booking experience better, faster, and more straightforward:

Several calls to several people to check the venue’s availability?

That sounds error-prone and tedious. So let’s ‘VenueArc’ this old-fashioned method of checking a venue’s availability. With VenueArc’s centralized booking calendar, you can instantly check a venue’s availability on particular days and times. Then, if the venue is occupied, you can check the event’s runtime and book the client for a different time slot. A win-win situation for everyone?

Occupied all the time – Hard to keep track of all the upcoming events?

“…to err is human,” remember? Especially with so much on your plate as a modern-day venue professional, forgetting things is inevitable. Modern-day problems require a modern-day technological solution. That is what VenueArc is. With color-coded fields on the centralized calendar, you can quickly identify the event’s status at one single glance without having to run back and forth through the app.

“Confidentiality of data – my team does not need to know everything.”

VenueArc is ingenious like we have already established. It knows your needs. With this venue management software, the admin can access a confidential view of the booking calendar and limit the information accessible to others. Everyone stays on the same page while also safeguarding sensitive data.

I still want to configure the app a bit. Every business has specific needs.”

VenueArc was circumspectly built after running an elongated needs analysis in the event planning market. As a result, there is a certain room for configuration available in this event booking software to lead a successful event. For instance, you can add up to 15 customizable event statuses to the booking calendar, ten templates to the contract generator, desired and trackable KPIs to the reporting dashboard. To discuss the configuration capacity further, you can schedule a free demo with VenueArc experts.

“Booking calendar alone does not help – other tasks are still time-taking.”

Wait — did we say VenueArc is JUST a booking calendar to automate your bookings? No, It’s an all-in-one solution to cater to ALL the needs of Event Management Businesses. VenueArc integrates multiple functions into multiple modules to digitalize and automate the entirety of an event’s lifecycle. It has a customizable contract generator, a central storage system for all the event files and documents, a reporting dashboard, a settlement portal, and a client management system ON A SINGLE PLATFORM. So guess what? You can get some time off in your office to munch on your favorite granola bar while live-streaming to your social media connections.

What does it mean for Venue Professionals to Work with a Single Platform?

It’s funny how event and venue management businesses say they have technologized and automated their business processes entirely by subscribing to multiple digital solutions available on the market. However, using a stack of different tools instead of just one is not entirely automation. Software and tools are supposed to help productivity; where is productivity when you waste several hours switching between tools to get just one task done? Research conducted by RingCentral found that 69% of the employees waste at least an hour a day navigating between different apps. In addition, these apps may create redundancies that create an extra hassle for you. These hassles are what sometimes stop you from pulling a successful event at your venue. To de-hassle the process of the events, you need an all-in-one solution that is already available on the market: VenueArc.

Your team can work under a uniform system.

With communication all over the place and data stored across numerous channels, confusion amongst team members is a given. For example, an anxiety-struck team member runs a dizzying search on one of the apps to discover that event dates have been changed. He rushes over to inform another member, but oh, this one is dealing with event settlement issues on another app that the rusher does not know about. The problem induced by these slow, multiple apps can only be solved by implementing a unified system that keeps everyone on the same page in real-time. Luckily, VenueArc’s multi-modules update in real-time and instantly bring everyone up to speed. Benefit endlessly from the following features of VenueArc:

  • A real-time event booking calendar
  • A real-time document management system
  • A real-time contract-generator

You get incredible gain of investment

Multi-purpose, monolithic apps give you an incredible gain of investment if utilized to their fullest capacity; they are ten times better than using single-purpose software. Moreover, do you know that 80% of the secondary features in a single-purpose app stay untapped? So you are investing in different Microsoft SaaS for that one required solution. Is that worth it? Certainly not. The cumulative cost of all these apps is 3x more than that of one integrated software. And to run these apps efficiently, you can not skimp on user manuals and staff training — teams take time to acclimatize to the interface and functions of each one of the software. Besides, if the big names in the event management industry are consolidating towards one app, then why shouldn’t you? Team members are also likely to mess up with a litter of apps and their entirely different use cases. How does that affect the gain of investment? You already know that. VenueArc remedies this, an all-in-one feature-rich solution to all your financial woes. VenueArc comes with a straightforward and easy-to-use interface; use it a few times, and that’s all the training you need — which is why it has garnered so much love from event and venue management businesses.

Amazing Uses Cases of the Software That Will Make Your Event An Absolute Success

Let’s finally walk down to some of the exceptional use cases of VenueArc to make your event the talk of the town. We will only discuss the ones which are the absolute favorites of VenueArc’s existing users.

No sweat event booking and management

The advanced features incorporated in VenueArc make it the absolute favorite choice of venue management businesses for booking multiple venues (theatres, arenas, and auditoriums) and managing multi-operation facilities. The event booking calendar offers an innovative yet simplified process to book single dates, multiple dates, consecutive, non-consecutive, single, or multi-week events. To top it off, you can also reschedule events instantly if the need arises. In addition, professionals and companies can maintain and access event statuses, records, and documents 24/7, on the go and make real-time changes to them in a fast-paced manner. An effortless, seamless sail through the booking process beautifies the experience not just for you but for your clients and attendees as well. Features that facilitate this experience are a centralized event planning calendar, central storage system, and reporting dashboard.

Manage clients seamlessly, convert one-time clients into recurring ones

The built-in customer relationship management (CRM) integration in VenueArc simplifies the event and venue management process – you can access clients’ information in one centralized space and indulge in timely communication with them. Timely access to their information means communicating with them promptly. When clients have a consistent customer experience every time they interact with you, mutual regard and bond develop between you and them, thus becoming recurring clients. Integrated CRM also means that data from the client repository auto-populates in the settlement portal, reports, and contract generator. It saves a lot of time; it does.

Methodical and orderly event documents on the go

You can create performance notes on the go in VenueArc and easily browse them later. This ensures that no critical information is amiss as it is recorded digitally and made available to the entire team within minutes. These notes can be sorted, viewed, and edited quickly. VenueArc’s client repository stores all the information related to your clients and auto-populates as needed for the dependent tasks. Professionals and companies can not only resolve event settlements with VenueArc, but they can also upload supporting documents that need to be compounded with settlement details. Event summary reports offer valuable insights into the event’s finances, performance, and bookings.

Digital Event Settlement

You can simplify the settlement tracking process through VenueArc. VenueArc comes with a digital settlement system for quicker settlement options and easy access to event settlements and funds. By using event settlement features, you can enable new settlements, Find Existing Settlements, and Edit Existing settlements. In addition, with settlement reports, you can pull the list of deposits made to your accounts and access granular details of these transactions.

Trouble-free contract generation with event Portal

VenueArc’s event portal has an integrated, secure contract generator that eliminates the need to go through manual, time-consuming contract generation. Instead, in the event portal, you can upload dynamic contract templates according to your business needs and close a business deal with your client using them. How’s that for automation?

Leverage VenueArc’s Technology now and Plan Successful Events with Less Effort

VenueArc has been a massive success for its clients. By leveraging on a fast-updating calendar, teams have resolved their communication gaps. In addition, settlement portal and contract generator features have reportedly cut down 75% of the time taken by manually doing these tasks. About bookings — reputable theatres like San Diego Theatres have boosted their bookings with VenueArc’s multiple booking features. It’s now time for you to leverage on VenueArc’s state-of-the-art, secure technology to start pulling successful events.

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