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Optimize Live Events Industry with Azure hosted Event Management Software

November 9, 2022July 13th, 2023Blog
Event Management Software

With the global events market growing to $1,965.99 Billion, the need for innovative technologies in live events venue booking has also increased. Most large-scale businesses in the events industry prefer the use of event management software to meet enterprise productivity levels.

Event Management Software Hosted on Microsoft Azure

As the world is moving towards cloud solutions, these live events venues are also looking for solutions that are completely cloud-based. And what would be more worthwhile if the solution is entirely hosted on the leading cloud platform of Microsoft Azure?

Why get a solution that Microsoft Azure backs?

Enterprise applications, like event management software, built and hosted on Microsoft Azure simplify the challenging process of installing and managing heavy on-premises servers. The process is made simpler by lowering the complexity of dealing with services. The effectiveness of the Azure solutions aids in developing more successful enterprise apps. Additionally, it helps establish and deploy mission-critical online applications with excellent commercial scalability.

What Azure-hosted event management software provide in a nutshell is as follows:

  • Auto-scale and built-in load balancing
  • Supports the platforms Linux and Windows
  • Improved auto-patching availability
  • Supports WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco
  • Deployments are regularly made using Git, GitHub, Team Foundation Server,  and DevOps

No Need for Heavy Onsite Hardware

Building and maintaining on-site data storage gear can consume a sizable portion of your company’s IT budget and result in recurring overhead expenses. However, your company may quickly do away with the necessity for on-site data storage hardware by simply moving your data, apps, and computational processes to the cloud.

Businesses can create a hybrid cloud environment using Azure’s extensive networking features if they want to conduct some of their processes on private servers.

Affordable Subscription Models

By selecting the specific cloud functionalities, they need, large-scale performing arts centers organizations can more easily make the most of their IT budgets thanks to Microsoft Azure’s utilization-dependent pricing models.

This consumption-based structure efficiently lowers infrastructure expenses, lightens the load on internal IT management, and streamlines cross-departmental collaborations. In addition, your company can have access to the event management software provider with Microsoft’s extensive knowledge base and round-the-clock help staff.

High Availability

One of the most important benefits for businesses is the exceptional availability of Microsoft Azure across all its many data centers. In addition, Microsoft is active in more than 50 locations worldwide and is accessible in 140 nations/regions. Due to this, Azure-hosted software is an excellent solution if you run a global corporation.

Due to its extensive presence, the tech giant can provide a service-level agreement that promises up to 99.95% availability. In addition, Azure only faces 4.5 hours of outages per year. That makes Microsoft the best provider of cloud services and is simply unbeatable.

Integrating with other SaaS or Cloud applications safely

Numerous cloud SaaS programs, including Office 365, Concur, Dropbox, and Salesforce, can be readily connected with event management software hosted on Microsoft Azure.

With slots for staging and production deployments and a comprehensive SDK, Azure Web Apps provide automated provisioning and deployment services. In addition, the Web Apps Service’s auto-scaling and traffic management capabilities enable web apps to deliver high-performance user experiences with little to no downtime and data loss.

Several businesses from sectors like Energy & Utilities, Logistics, Manufacturing, Government, etc., are currently using Web Apps on Azure. For example, one of our US customers is utilizing Azure to its full potential to save billions of gallons of water annually with a Cloud-based Metering & Smart Analytics system hosted on Azure.

Adelaide Festival Centre, Leveraging Microsoft Azure for their live events

One of the leading performing arts venue in Australia, Adelaide Festival Centre, moved their on-premises sever to the Microsoft Azure Cloud for better enterprise scalability, efficiency, and agility.

In this regard, Chief Operating Officer, Carlo D’Ortenzio, at the Adelaide Festival Centre stated,

“Looking at the trends and doing the numbers, we found that moving to the Azure Cloud provided better value for money and eliminated the need to replace capital equipment going forward and we will have immediate access to the best available technology in future.”

“With this in mind, the decision to choose Microsoft Azure as our cloud platform became even more obvious. We have moved our web servers to Microsoft Azure, and we are able to deliver so much more to our patrons via the web.

Source: Microsoft News

Microsoft Azure A Complete Bundle of Enterprise Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are all supported by Azure cloud. In addition, these platforms offer various integrated cloud services, bundled suites, and features to assist businesses in moving to the cloud, which include several programming languages, tools, and frameworks. If developed strategically these platforms can offer amazing benefits to the performing arts business worldwide.

With its powerful features and benefits, Azure-hosted event booking management software offers a truly dynamic, agile, and cost-effective solution for medium to large-scale performing arts centers worldwide.

VenueArc is an innovative event management software develop and hosted on Microsoft Azure. With VenueArc’s cloud features exclusively dedicated to the live events industry, you can reap maximum business benefits.

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