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Why You Need to Upgrade Your Event and Venue Booking Software

May 4, 2022August 8th, 2023Blog
Venue Booking

Did you know that the majority of event software security specialists do not always update their software when a new version is released?

Up to 40% of security professionals do not embrace software updates. It’s no surprise, then, that the average software user does not upgrade as frequently as they should.

However, with the global release of so many large data breaches such as Wanna Cry in recent years, we must all take upgrading quite seriously. Aside from the fear mongering, there are some major advantages to upgrading venue booking software when new versions are launched. Performance bugs that you didn’t even notice slowing down the performance will be fixed frequently, and new features may be added.

As businesses grow and time changes, your software also needs to change. In this speedily evolving digital world, if you do not pay attention to the digital advancements, then you will surely be left behind by the huge queue of competitors. Many of the companies that started their business and did not adopt innovative tactics are now facing many issues. Their clients left them or were not satisfied because of the lack of innovation in their products or services. Of course, everyone wants to use the services that are up to date with their digital needs.

Why do you have to keep upgrading your event and venue booking software?

Mobile devices account for 60% of online bookings, according to financesonline.com, allowing people to book when it is most convenient for them. In addition to providing convenience for customers, online booking software saves money for businesses by eliminating the need to pay payroll for the employee who was in charge of answering phones and scheduling events in the past.

However, just because you use an online booking system does not mean you have the authority to do everything that such software should allow you to do. We’ve compiled a list of the four biggest reasons for upgrading your venue and event booking software.

Making it easy to use

The venue booking software should be straightforward and comprehensive, with a simple user interface and pages that are easy to navigate. Furthermore, it should make it easier for you to book events and avoid conflicts. If it does not do so, then you will need to upgrade it right now.

However, some of the software, like VenueArc, comes with an easy-to-use interface and simplifies the booking process with interactive features. And it keeps upgrading to make the clients’ experience better. You won’t need to spend multiple months upgrading it; it can provide you with the desired upgrade within a minimal amount of time. Its user experience is exceptionally easy and dynamic. For example, when a single customer books for multiple dates, this software ensures that the slots are available and adjacent before allowing the customer to select multiple reservations. While this may appear to be a simple and necessary task, not all booking software will do this for you, so make sure yours does. (VenueArc does it very well).

Integration with other ticketing software, like Nexus Ticketmaster,

Online booking software does not have to be another piece of software to manage and maintain. In essence, the ideal booking software is that which integrates with other software that you already have. Venue booking software can (and should) be integrated with ticketing software such as Nexus Ticketmaster to provide you with actionable reports and analytics. The software you use should be able to help with reporting, metrics, and other useful statistics by integrating with Ticketmaster.

You don’t have to worry about searching for this kind of software because VenueArc provides Ticketmaster integration in the best way you will ever have.

Real-time reporting, data analytics from TicketMaster, and a sales dashboard that you can customize are all very useful options. Enjoy a flawless sales and event booking experience with VenueArc. It provides real-time reporting and data analytics through integration with Ticketmaster. Its sales dashboard is a multi-component view with four distinct analytic modules.

It also brings valuable reporting, data analytics integration from Ticketmaster, and a custom revenue calculator module. The revenue report is intended to calculate the total number of tickets sold and total sales for each event or for all events. This report can be created by selecting a specific date or location.

With VenueArc, your event will become a dream come true!

The data from event venues could be in danger

As we conduct more of our daily business online, we end up exposing our most sensitive financial information to nefarious hackers. To stay one step ahead of hackers, most browser and software companies hire the best and most expert programmers.

Even so, if everyone in a company isn’t on the same page, an email sent to one person can have terrifying consequences. Everyone is at risk unless everyone takes the same stringent security measures. Most businesses’ computers are frequently networked together, and even with these security measures, the right virus can put them all at risk.

Hackers can seize personal information or sensitive event data and hold people hostage in exchange. When a major malware is released, software developers struggle to fix it. Staying ahead of each release will keep you safe and secure at the front of the pack. VenueArc was made with all of these security measures in mind, making sure that your venue doesn’t have any data leaks.

Innovative Features

While security is a major reason to upgrade your VenueArc event booking software, and the importance of doing so cannot be overstated, there are some other interesting advantages to doing so. Frequently, you’ll notice enhanced functionality as well as increased ease of use.

Because the user is at the center of the developer’s universe, they strive to make your experience better with each new release of their software. The user experience and user interaction will get better with almost every new piece of software out there.

When you upgrade, you’ll most likely receive a message informing you of the new features and functions. When you next perform an update, take the time to review the information provided by the software company. It’s possible that you’ll discover some cool new and improved features that you didn’t expect, or that a problem you didn’t realize could be fixed will be resolved.

When a great software developer releases a new version of just about any piece of software, there is a lot to be excited about.

Some of the benefits of VenueArc Event Booking Software Upgradation

Improved safety and security

When event booking software becomes outdated, it becomes vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals because updates keep you safe from exploitable holes in your organization’s security system. Being able to rely on your security is especially important these days because the release of software update notes frequently exposes the patched-up exploitable entry points to the public. Because malicious users are aware of these vulnerabilities, your organization becomes an easy target for those looking to gain access to your business and its sensitive data.

Increased effectiveness of the system

The benefits of software updates go beyond simply providing security updates; they frequently include new and improved features as well as speed improvements, all of which improve the end-user experience. Developers are constantly looking for ways to make the software even better, so that users can work even more efficiently. Sales and marketing professionals, for example, rely on an online event booking software to work from home and communicate with clients and potential customers in a variety of different ways.


When new software and upgrades become available, existing systems and software may not always remain compatible, making it necessary to consult with an IT professional to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible. For example, a Windows 10 update removed certain features, making the operating system incompatible with a Windows 2003 server, which some organizations are still using. In the event that you have any questions about the compatibility of your systems, please do not hesitate to contact one of our IT experts right away.

It makes staff and customers happier

People’s ability to work with or for an organization can be hampered by outdated and ineffective systems and software, resulting in frustration. Out-of-date technology gives the impression that your company is out of touch with current trends. Instead, invest in technology, which will give your customers a better experience while also giving your employees a chance to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Efforts to reduce costs

Upgrading systems appears to be a costly endeavor; however, the reality is that older systems have more issues—and, as a result, incur higher costs. Costs associated with system and software failures can quickly escalate to levels that far exceed the cost of upgrading a system or implementing new software and hardware. By putting your business at risk and by failing to upgrade your software; you may come to regret your decision later. Keep in mind that there is a cost to doing nothing!

Is your performing arts center in need of updated event booking software that works in line with your business requirements? Visit our features page to learn more about how VenueArc can assist your organization with advanced solutions and innovative VenueArc event booking technology. Likewise, contact our IT experts to discuss how our software can assist you in updating your traditional booking processes.

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