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6 Best Tools for Event Booking and Management for Performing Arts Venue Managers

March 29, 2022August 10th, 2023Blog
Event booking and management

Whether you are an experienced professional, a new events business owner, and finds it difficult to manage the overwhelming event management operations at the theatre, you will want to stock your toolbox with event management tools and software that keeps operations running effortlessly.

While event booking and management are becoming extremely demanded and complicated, many new innovative tools are constantly making their place in this challenging event management domain. They can keep you organized and on track and make your working life less chaotic. But how will you know which tools are best for you?

For making your hunt for event management tools easier, we have compiled a list of the six most important event management tools that every event booking, and management professional should have on hand.

But, first, let’s discuss why you need event management tools to manage your performing arts events.

Save Time and Money

You can also receive actionable alerts or notifications about any situation, which will increase the efficiency and timeliness of events.

This will not only speed up your processes, but it will also make sure that events are handled consistently and accurately. With the help of an event management tool, you don’t have to remember who takes care of what. Hence, it will help you saving more time and money by automating day-to-day workflows that are critical in event management.

Smart Decision-Making Using Automated Reporting Tools

Reports can help your organization improve its service by highlighting problem areas (repeat warning or exception alerts) and pointing out what needs to change. Reports are especially helpful for the executive and top committee to get quick insights of the business and with the help of this they can make quick and well-informed decisions.

An event management tool will already have built-in reporting tools that your organization can use. As a result, you can take a few simple steps to customize the reports you make and send them to the people who need them without having to make manual efforts to create detailed reports.

Reduce Operational Costs

As with any purchase, you’ll want to know whether an event management tool will save your enterprise money in the long run. Also, when all the manual operations will be automated, the cost will get lowered and your budget will remain balanced.

Given that an event management tool will enable you to:

  • Increase the speed with which you identify and respond to threats
  • Cut down on downtime (and the associated business-level costs)
  • Service operation processes should be automated
  • Highlight problematic areas for further examination, and
  • Resolve problems as they arise

The automated workflow will help you in saving operational cost and business case calculations will rapidly become obvious. Furthermore, service expenses will be reduced as your environment is better managed, and continuous improvement efforts will be easier.

Improved Visibility into The Quality of Performance Delivery

An event management tool will give you more visibility into the current condition of your event’s performance, assisting your management team in recognizing problems. This procedure can improve the quality of your event’s performance and help it to be a success.

Increased visibility across the business helps you make quick adjustments and longer-term improvements to prevent mishaps, reduce downtime, and make root cause analysis easier and faster.

All the above-mentioned goals can be accomplished using event booking and management tools.

Now let’s find out 5 of the best tools to make your event booking and management process much easier. Fortunately, you can have all these tools using VenueArc.

Pro Tip: You can have all of the tools mentioned in this article using VenueArc. This means that you don’t have to spend time looking for separate tools or apps. Let’s schedule a demo and try it out.

Finance Tool 

Most individuals are attracted to event plan management because they enjoy controlling chaos, working under pressure, coming up with creative solutions, and presenting truly inspirational environments.

Numbers and bookkeeping aren’t normally appealing aspects of the job. Instead of pushing yourself to like spreadsheets and computations, a strong accounting tool like the one in VenueArc may ease stress and make it easier to keep track of money coming in and going out so you, your client, and your business can all stay on budget.

You can have a streamlined deposit schedule and financials using the accounting and finance application. Manage and configure all deposit schedules and financial details without worrying about sophisticated processing. You can connect deposit schedules and financials to save time processing financial data and ensure that all financials are accessible to all designated users.

Using this tool, you may track all financial payments and their details. It can include an input form for users to fill up. A well-designed finance tool will give you an overview, a summary of all payment information, deposit schedules, and other financial payments.

Contract Generation Tool 

The event booking and management industry demand a variety of contracts, including artist contracts and vendor contracts. Because of the confidentiality of this domain, this process frequently involves a huge amount of human effort. The most convenient approach to generating contracts is using a contract generation tool.

This tool provides you with a strategically designed input form in which you can enter all of the required information. Once all of the essential inputs have been entered into the contact form, the contract can be created entirely from there. You can also input predefined values to avoid manually entering all of the numbers.

You can use this tool to draft numerous contract templates to use them in urgent cases. It is the most effective way for automating the contract generating process, as it eliminates the multiple human tasks required to establish a single contract.

Reporting and Analytics Tool     

Data is available to everyone. While it may be obvious to a planner that one event was more successful than another, it cannot be verified without analytics. Event data is easily accessible with the correct event reporting and analytics tool. The amount of data making a booking and the event might be daunting at times, which is why this tool is useful. Choosing which metrics to examine and knowing what success looks like for each event allows marketers and event planners to put data to work for them.

Venue management professionals can have detailed event-specific robust reporting by using this tool. You can have the data from your events transformed into unique visualizations to provide insights into all of your event activities, operations, and planning.

Reporting and analytics are critical in making critical corporate choices and determining future plans. Managers of performing arts organizations can use this digitally enabled reporting and analytics solution, which can be linked with their existing system. As a result, they will be able to make more educated business decisions.

Tool for Client Relationship Management 

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a feature presented in VenueArc that assists businesses in better managing the customers’ information and analyzing potential leads. On the other hand, it is the process of collecting isolated data points about customers and managing them as a whole or leveraging them to places where they can be utilized in productive ways.

It provides a centralized view of client information, contact information, and notes in a single location. By utilizing the CRM tool, you will have access to all of the necessary features of a premium client dashboard. On a single centralized platform, you can easily manage the data of multiple clients at the same time.

Not only that, but you can also have filters and sorting options that will assist you in navigating through the specific client details in the shortest amount of time.

Integrated Event Booking Calendar 

Event management is mostly 5% planning and 95% juggling problematic calendars. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but event professionals still need to stick to a strict schedule.

Event and venue managers must keep track of everything from the day of the event to client management to multiple event and venue bookings. Event booking calendar automates all the reservations and presents them on a centralized and interactive booking calendar to help venue managers handle bookings efficiently.

Using a venue booking calendar (like the one offered by VenueArc) that sync and is easily shareable with people inside and outside your network will ensure that you (and everyone else) do not miss an important date.

Interactive Event and Performance Settlement Tool

Event and performance settlement tool is used to reevaluate the revenue and expenses associated with an event. Usually, venue managers have a math party to determine the show’s profit and loss after the box office closes. Depending on the terms agreed upon, they may also be in charge of determining the final payment to the artist.

Mostly event management tools deliver the verifying documentation to conclude the settlement process. Usually, items reconciled need to be calculated outside of these tools. They generally create complex excel documents to calculate the final values in the settlement process.

However, if you use an intuitive event management system like VenueArc, you will not have to be involved in complicated excel calculations. It can easily transform huge amounts of data used in event settlement into dynamic reports and analytics that can be downloaded in various formats like MS Excel and PDF.

Want To Have All These Tools in A Centralized Platform? 

Event Management Software is a broad term for software (such as VenueArc) that provides event organizers with the tools they need to run a successful event or booking. For instance, venue management, event settlement, event order forms, invoices and much more.

While using this system will increase your operational efficiency if you invest in the tools mentioned above that you find in VenueArc. You no longer need to create multiple spreadsheets or contract versions. Event Management Software allows you to keep all of your bookings in one place, from inquiry client information to invoicing and reporting.

Get a standing ovation for each performance in your venues using the finest tools and the premium event booking and management software, VenueArc.

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