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Digital Document Management System | Theatres, Arenas & Performing Arts Center

February 28, 2022August 23rd, 2023Blog
Automated Document Management Systems

“The U.S. performing arts industry is supported by nearly 8,840 organizations with a total of 127,648 paid workers. These organizations generate nearly $13.6 billion in annual revenues, according to the most recent estimates.”

Source: Arts.gov

As you can relate to how big is performing arts industry is, there are thousands of performing arts centers in the United States of America. Each center holds hundreds of clients, stakeholders, and employees. This need compels arts centers to manage an extensive array of regular jobs. One of the most tiresome jobs is collecting and organizing a massive number of documents, be it a pile of events contract files, employee records of their workforces, reports of further data analysis, or event summaries. The problem arises when they must deal with them altogether.

If they manage all those documents physically, it will create a big mess of unsorted files of paper that require too much mundane effort to deal with them. Or, if they deal with those documents by storing them online in a local hard drive, it can be too risky as the hard drives contain a high risk of malfunctioning or being corrupted.  But if they try to build a centralized document management with unlimited storage capacity and no risk of being corrupted. If you want to save your organization from these hazards, a reliable, secure, and unified platform will be the best choice.

Having a central space for your data, classified event settlement reports, printed event procedure sheets, a managed record of events contracts, and a unified view of calendar availability at the click of a button is a DREAM

Consider the luxury of having an autopilot system that can detect and solve problems before they have a chance to manifest themselves. You’re in luck because this type of system actually exists, a centralized document management platform — continue reading to find out more.

Keeping up with the demands of today’s dynamic business environment means delivering high-quality items to your customers while also conforming to industry standards and regulatory requirements. Your success will depend on your ability to manage various processes while cooperating with quality, regulatory, engineering, operations, and other corporate teams.

You can centralize all the documents of your theaters through a tactfully built online document management platform, which eliminates the need for document silos. This enables you to fulfill the increasingly stringent criteria for speed, access, security, and compliance that exist today.

Why Are Automated Document Management Systems Worth Using for Performing Arts Organizations?

When document management platforms are appropriately built from the beginning, they can encourage innovation and growth rather than stifling it. For example, in your organization, robust document management platform help to guarantee that everyone, regardless of department or team, knows exactly where a document is located, at what point it is in the review process, what needs to be added, and whether any discourse actions are required. In addition, it promotes a collaborative environment amongst teams and aids in completing tasks in a timelier way, among other benefits. Any performing arts center may encounter circumstances where the absence of an effective document management system can impair business operations, causing the organization to lose valuable time, money, resources, and clients.

Performing arts centers must also be alert to the expectations of addition and participation on the involvement of their community members. Or else, they will be incapable of connecting with them.

How An Online DMS Saves Your Extra Dollars?

The costs associated with storing paper documents can soon build up. After all, you’ll have to spend money on and make space for file cabinets, boxes, and storage bins, among other things. The storage of physical documents, according to one study, consumed approximately 15 percent of total office space. Furthermore, office space in the United States costs $285 per square foot on average. At that price, that’s a significant amount of money to spend solely on document storage. A software-based document management platform allows you to free up space on your premises and store any necessary soft copies in more cost-effective locations such as a digital documents warehouse.

A Centralized Warehouse Or Repository For Your Basic Document Needs

In a latest Nintex survey of 1,000 respondents, 49 percent stated they floundered to find documents, 43 percent fronted stoppages with sharing documents, and 33 had problems with document versioning. That’s quite a chaos of inefficiency.

You can simplify workflows and rescue your team’s efforts and hours by storing files in a document management platform. Since the system operates as an easy-to-use, centralized repository, staffers can locate what they need instantly, effortlessly share files, and decide immediately how latest the document is. That simplification benefits them devour their time on more meaningful tasks.

A central document repository can be an efficient way to reduce space and safeguard important documents and files. A DMS can organize and store documents electronically and eliminate the need for the need for a traditional paper-based file system.

How a Centralized Repository Helps You in Policy Management?

The storage of your policy manual and the software for managing policies in a central document storage system will help you solve the problems mentioned above and a few. The central repository serves as a one authoritative source. If the policy is found in the significant policy manual and is the most accurate policy model. There’s no doubt about whether this is the most recent version or someone else has the most current version or if a person is still working on the last year’s policy. Also, you’ll be able to use easy search options and quick accessibility to all the policy documents all in one place. There’s no need to move between a paper binder and an online directory, or email messages searching for the one policy that applies to your specific situation.

With an online solution for managing your policy, you can be sure that you only have the latest version of each policy. There will be no problems in ensuring that the version control is maintained: everyone will only have access to the most current version of the policy.

These aspects can help protect your company. For example, version histories can prove that your organization was not at fault if there were legal issues. If, for instance, your company did not have a written policy in connection with a specific incident, you could prove that you do not just have a policy in place. Still, you can also show the date when it was put into effect and show that everyone is aware of it.

The Best Option for Documents Protection and Security

Access to all kinds of information can be a negative thing. For example, 40 percent of businesses contain more than 1,000 files that contain sensitive data (think credit card numbers and artists’ confidential records.) that are not secured and accessible to anyone who has access. So, it can be a significant issue because security concerns could result in severe consequences and could even cause very perilous harm to your business.

A document management platform can be essential for managing the issues. It is possible to restrict access when required and frequently determine who has seen or altered a document at any given time.

Want to Know More?

A tactfully developed DMS can benefit your performing arts center in the following eclectic ways.

  • Rapidly search through numerous documents: The correct document management system can create each document full-text searchable regardless of format and size. That fosters employees to find the details they require, whether it’s in a document’s heading or title, its metadata or deep inside the entire text.
  • Secure sensitive information Through Document management software, administrators can allow or restrict access to data as required. This allows your company to make sure that documents can only be accessed by only authorized users and not anyone else.
  • Help with the compliance process: The majority of Document management software offers audit trails, which are records of system activity, including document modifications, login attempts, and permissions changes. This function helps demonstrate to auditors that your company adheres to guidelines and that security measures are in place.
  • Locating a specific event in a collection of event list may be difficult. Online DMS includes an event list view that allows users to search for all events and their basic information in one location. An effective option for filters and sorting within the dashboard is designed to assist you in finding the event you’re searching for.
  • Access information from any location by using cloud-based document management with the advancement of cloud-based technologies. Employees are now able to be able to access documents management software no matter where they are around the globe. The ease of access coupled with the security features that sophisticated documents management software provides an efficient and secure method to ensure that information is exchanged among project team members regardless of the location. In addition, some cloud-based solutions automatically back up their information, which allows for rapid recovery in the event of a disruption or tragedy to the business.

Want to avail these benefits to make your performing arts business better? Schedule a free demo now with our development experts right now!

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