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Now Back To The Life, Return To Stage And Manage Bookings With VenueArc

January 24, 2022August 23rd, 2023Blog
Manage Booking with VenueArc

It’s mid-morning on a Monday. That straight-talking, fast-moving 38-year-old established venue manager you so respectfully look up to is balancing a stack of Judy Allen books on his schedule; all the while is ping-ponging around customers, employees, and loaded venues. How is he doing it all so effortlessly, you wonder. He is a farsighted man on a mission who knows that he needs to gamble on technology more than people to keep his business afloat. He sees the utmost importance of technology as a source of cost efficiencies and an inseparable component of the company. Especially now, with COVID-19 on the ebb, event management businesses that have not digitized and automated everything – everything from venue management, customer service to venue booking – have begun to lose their competitive edge. We need only suggest that a vicious pandemic has already started to wane – get back to the stage, it’s time to sit back and manage bookings with the industry-leading event management software: VenueArc.

We have a declaration to make: event management is not a cakewalk. But to say this and not give you a solution to the common problems which event planners face is … unfair. So let’s take you through the most quoted issues faced in the event management business, followed by a low-down on how to smoothen out the wrinkles caused by these problems by using VenueArc, the most favorite tool of result-driven event planners.

Is your budget overspent occasionally? We feel you!

Overspending is the most commonly cited problem faced by event planners today. Even age-long business playbooks have gone limbo and become incompatible with the overspending problem event managers face today – the solution does not exist in books anymore. It does in technology. Any unanticipated changes (which are inherently unavoidable unless you are mythic Merlin from the Arthurian legend and can make phenomenally accurate predictions) can mean you need to spend more than you budgeted for.

Frustration with networking activities? We understand.

Let me describe to you the fundamentals of an event planner’s job: he is supposed to know how to network, and most importantly, create time for networking activities that can increase business’ outreach. If he is not familiar with how and where to network, his revenue woes are compounded. In the event management industry, it’s a fact that event planners don’t last long without networking. It’s true, especially if they do not create social media channels to spread awareness about their business or invest time in social lounges to interact with attendees of their events. How can this be remedied? Read on to discover.

Forgetting to Track Schedule or Budget Changes – how forgetful

Embarrassing, isn’t it? We know that the event management sector is laughably agile. Sometimes, while you are busy with other important tasks, your partner scheduled a new booking that has not yet been communicated to you. While you are confined to your time-sensitive tasks, several other issues are being dealt with, and changes are being made. You sit there, with your head slumped over some files – unaware of these changes. Finally, the embarrassment materializes in the form of double-bookings, availability misquotations, and miscommunication with clients. That’s not just bad for your brand’s reputation, but it also leaves a wrong impression on your subordinates. There has to be something that gives you a real-time, on-the-go update of changes in one centralized place. Something like VenueArc.

Oops, It is raining, and you don’t have a backup plan?

Nature would not make an appointment with you before dispatching rain, hailstorm, tornadoes, or other such deliveries. The burden of pre-planning backups lies with you in case such emergencies occur, but event management businesses often forget to do so. What does it incur? You become subject to many losses on top of ruining the event delegated to you. This is why you must have a backup venue planned and prepared for emergencies. It’s essential to have venue management software that lets you track the runtime availability of the venues which you have in mind, and also enables you to track their booking schedule.

A formless Event Management Process means – an imminent risk of fall

Your event management process sometimes feels very out of place. With every new event, you have to start from scratch, and there is no sense of re-usability and systematicity to your event processes. Making similar contracts from scratch, making several calls before confirming a venue’s availability, making last-minute settlements – sometimes they take two days and sometimes months. Documents are everywhere – in excel sheets, in clutters of files, in your phone’s reminder. You cannot keep track of your bookings, and it gets too much to handle. It is a sign that you need to automate and streamline your existing workflows. It is a sign that you need purpose-built event booking software that can help you structure your event management processes. This is the point where event management software comes in, and to name one, we have VenueArc.

What is VenueArc? A technological Breakthrough in Your Event Planning Process

VenueArc is a real-time, cloud-based venue booking and event management software that supports multi-venue operations such as auditoriums, arenas, theaters, and more. It offers an end-to-end solution to the oft-cited problems event management businesses face. It automates everything for you from bookings, settlement of funds, generation of contracts, management of clients and documents, and creation of reports. With VenueArc looking after your most immediate and essential needs, you get enough time on your hand to focus on networking and expanding your business.

5 Key Features of VenueArc to Help You With Planning a Stress-free, Successful Event

VenueArc is a field-proven platform offering the following range of features that facilitate professional venue management. It is your one-stop platform for multi-function operations. With its feature-rich portal and function-specific tools, you can expect smooth workflows and a boost in revenue. Let’s look at five key features of VenueArc, which are also the absolute favorite of VenueArc users.

  • Centralized Event Booking Calendar
  • Automated Contract Generator
  • Settlement Portal
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Document Management System

Centralized Event Booking Calendar

VenueArc comes with a dynamic, power-packed, feature-rich, intuitive booking calendar that enables event planners to manage their bookings easily. You can Add New Events, Edit Existing Events, etc., on cruise control with a user-friendly interface. Customizable color-coded fields can help identify up to 10 event statuses at one single glance. Need to filter event by venue and status? VenueArc has got you covered. Need to browse events quickly using event ID or keyword? VenueArc has got you covered. Need to browse event by date? Use the jump-to-date feature of the booking calendar. Need to see extensive event details? Just hover your mouse over an event field, and there they are! Do you want to limit what information is visible to your teammates? That is easily manageable.

Automated Contract Generator

One of the other benefits of using VenueArc is that you can negotiate, generate, and sign contracts electronically using the customized Event Portal with an integrated contract generator. In addition, VenueArc embeds dynamic, customizable (client-generated) templates into its contract generator, which means you do not have to do the cumbersome task of generating contracts manually, and then having to wait to seal them off with physical signatures. A much-needed time-saving innovation, no?

Settlement Portal

A single-click inflow and outflow settlement portal to streamline your settlement workflows, you say? Yes, Sir says VenueArc. VenueArc comes to your service with a settlement dashboard for faster settlements and real-time access to event funds. Using the dashboard, you can Add, Find and Edit settlements. Contact data is also quickly auto-populated into the settlement portal from an integrated contact repository – saving you a lot of time!

Reporting Dashboard

A centralized way of keeping track of your finances and event performances is what VenueArc is. To help you keep track of critical metrics which affect your business and performance, VenueArc comes with a reporting dashboard that gives exportable customizable insights into event operations, management, and accounts. In addition, you can filter and sort the reports to obtain highlights, runtime, event summary data according to your desired date range, client, genre, and status of the event. Sounds like a dream?

Document Management System

VenueArc is an all-in-one expanse to easily access your events’ details, contract information, deposits, financial information, event notes, and documents. It entails that you can finally declutter the foot-high stack of paper notes staring miserably at you for not being organized enough. Document management system integrated into this venue management software allows easy organization of event notes in one central place accessible by the admin panel and the staff. A client repository also centralizes clients’ information while also auto-populating this information across other modules.

Why VenueArc is the Best Solution for Your Event Planning Needs?

Precisely because it is a purpose-built, function-specific software that ensued after running a prolonged needs analysis of event management businesses. And because:

  • It has the capacity and features to cater to the needs of multi-function venues and their operations like auditoriums, theatres, and arenas.
  • It is multi-functionalities integrated – has a booking calendar, CRM portal, settlement portal, contract generator, document management system, reporting portal all in one.
  • Clients have reported revenue boost as a direct result of using VenueArc to handle their workflows.
  • You can customize the key features of VenueArc according to your business-specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About VenueArc

Here are the answers to the questions we get asked frequently about VenueArc and its modules:

How can I get started with VenueArc?

Getting started with VenueArc is easy. All you need to do is Schedule a demo to book a call with VenueArc’s solution consultant.

How can VenueArc help my business?

With VenueArc, you have the option to book your venue for a single or multiple dates with a few sweeps of the finger. This results in the maximization of your venue booking and ensures a boost in revenue. In addition, simplifying and automating the event planning process ensures that manual intervention does not impede your business growth.

How does VenueArc work?

VenueArc is a multi-model, multi-operations software that gives you access to event management features that are custom-built for your business. As a result, it simplifies the event planning processes that event planners otherwise do manually, which is both time-consuming and expensive.

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