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Venue Booking For Your Event: One Step Away Through VenueArc

January 5, 2022August 23rd, 2023Blog
One Step Away

The antiquated, non-digital venue booking processes are gradually taking a back seat in the world of event management and venue professionals for apparent reasons. These conventional systems lack automation and efficiency, causing manual overload and inconvenience at the backend (which often makes its way to the front, causing your business a lot of reputational and revenue loss). This is why digital solutions — event booking software — have begun to penetrate the event management industry. Unfortunately, most of these digital systems are just an upgrade from manual to cloud-based methods of document keeping and create no value for your enterprise. They lack the key components to help you organize and manage your events, bookings, and venues —they are not like VenueArc.

What is VenueArc?

VenueArc is a real-time, cloud-based venue booking and event management software that supports multi-venue auditoriums, arenas, theaters, and more. It is an end-to-end service management solution for all the venue processes — from the beginning of the workflow to the end. Its cohesively integrated functions eliminate all the challenges faced during venue management. It does everything for you, from managing your bookings to streamlining settlement workflows to automating contract generation to client management, document management, and much more. With every component of your business working seamlessly together under one platform, you have more opportunities to get an overview of your business as a whole. Combine that with comprehensive exportable, insightful reports generated by VenueArc — you are a success! VenueArc is an industry-proven platform offering the following range of features (and more) to facilitate effortless and efficient management of venue and event workflows.

Venue Booking at your Fingertips

You can easily manage your bookings with a few sweeps of fingers. The app’s notable booking features — Booking Calendar, Add New Events, Edit Existing Events, etc. — integrate with a user-friendly interface to simplify the process of bookings. The most distinctive features of VenueArc’s booking calendar are:

  • Customizable color-coded fields to help instant identification of event status
  • Filtration of events by venue and status
  • Customizable default calendar view (view information by week, month, or by day)
  • Jump-to-date feature to see events on a specific date
  • Global search option to browse event by ID or keyword
  • Extensive Event details displayed on mouse-hover
  • Settlement details, notes, and more is displayed upon clicking the event field
  • Limit event information to the assigned users
  • Monthly notes at the bottom of the calendar view

and many more!

Event Management Portal and Integrated Clientele Management System

VenueArc comes with a feature-packed event portal that gives you easy access to the following:

  • Event Details
  • Contract Information
  • Financials
  • Event Notes
  • Event Settlement
  • Event documents

…each of which you can edit on the go.

Additionally, to help you digitize, organize, and minimize your paper clutter, VenueArc has an integrated Clientele Management System, allowing you to manage your relationship with existing and potential clients seamlessly. Client management features enable you to Add, Edit, Find, and delete the contact information of your clients. You can also add important notes with clients’ contact information in the contact database. Did we mention the Client Document Repository — an absolute favourite of users?

Negotiate, Generate and Sign Contracts Electronically

VenueArc Event Management Software offers a customized Event portal with an embedded contract generator for a seamless contract automation experience. It simplifies the cumbersome task of manually generating contracts. Using the generator, you can:

  • Add contract fields
  • View/update contract fields
  • Generate contracts

Moreover, client-provided and client-preferred contract templates can be embedded into the generator. It sounds like a dream; it does.

Make Event Settlements Instantaneously

VenueArc has a comprehensive settlement system with a settlement dashboard. It allows you to generate a detailed settlement report with revenue, expenses, deposits, and adjustments. You can select a client, the settlement stage, and the category to manage the settlements. With the settlement dashboard, you can:

  • Add new settlements
  • Find Existing Settlements
  • Edit Existing settlements
  • Export to Excel
  • Print to PDF (separate report for Artist only)

Real-time Event Management Platform

VenueArc is a real-time synchronous system where you can manipulate and control the workflows of your venue minute-by-minute. The sophisticated set of tools integrated into the app connects multiple departments in your organization and allows you to create an up-to-date single source record of every detail. This means it’s easier to communicate and coordinate with staff in real-time. This is facilitated by a centralized Booking Calendar and a Document Management System. You can also transform the real-time data provided by the app into detailed reports via multiple export options.

Feature-Rich Booking Calendar

VenueArc allows venue management teams to add/edit/reschedule event bookings instantly. It’s fast-updating; needless to say, everyone on the team is on the same page around the clock.

VenueArc’s booking calendar makes it easy for venue professionals to book their venue not just for single days but multiple consecutive and non-consecutive days in one go. With VenueArc, you rarely stay underbooked. What’s more, you can keep track of runtime event logs to facilitate multiple performances in a single day.

Centralized Document Management System

You can send your foot-high stack of papers out-of-fashion and out-of-sight with this Event Booking Software. Document Management System integrated into VenueArc allows fluid organization of event notes in one central place, which are accessible within the admin panel for your team. You can easily add/view/edit events & performance notes here. In addition, VenueArc’s centralized Document Management System offers a document library for each separate event, allowing easier maintenance, access, and utilization of information.

Digital Contract Generator

Manual contracts put off many tasks until they are negotiated, generated, and signed — which is why you need a more efficient contract workflow. VenueArc offers a time-saving way of generating contracts digitally with an integrated contract generator. With its Event Portal features, you can generate, manage, and store contracts on the go. To seal it off with a traditional touch, you can also e-sign the agreements. However, the best part is yet to come: the contract generator comes with multiple custom-made (client-provided) contract templates, which you can select and use to generate contracts.

With VenueArc, You Will Never Be Under-booked

You have a super spacious, salubrious venue with up-to-the-minute facilities, but what use is it if you are under-booked and not generating enough revenue? You (and your team) are frequently too busy handling the ins and outs of a few bookings that you miss out on potential leads. VenueArc is a multi-activity venue management software that does more than just venue booking and booking events. It lets you do digitally what physically and mentally occupies you otherwise and impedes your focus on bookings. You can keep your venue packed with bookings using the following features of this Event Management App.

Enhance Productivity by Using Customer Relation Management (CRM)

The built-in CRM integration in this venue booking software simplifies the event management process. It allows you to access critical information about clients, contacts, bookings, and keynotes. All the data is centralized, enabling smooth and timely communication with the clients and cultivating a healthy relationship. What does it ensure? A robust brand image, WOM marketing, and a potential regular customer.

Effortless Management of Events with Event Portal

Multiple event management tools and resources available in the Event Portal facilitate systematic, accurate, and efficient event operations management — now being booked to your total capacity would not cause mismanagement. Manage financials, contracts, documents, settlements, and customers instantly with VenueArc’s feature-rich event portal and run multi-venue operations efficiently.

Single-Click In-flow and Out-flow with Settlement Portal

VenueArc comes with a secure settlement portal to ensure intuitive and dynamic settlement workflow. The settlement portal is integrated with the Event portal to quickly and effectively auto-populate contact data during settlements, saving a lot of time otherwise wasted switching between contact details and settlement portal.

Venuearc — The Best Choice for Theatres, Arenas, and Auditoriums

Most event booking software have a lot of basic features required for booking venues but are partial (to outright failures) when it comes to catering to venue management businesses with complex, multi-functional, or multi-venue operations. What sets VenueArc apart is its ability to manage multiple venues’ operations, which is why it’s loved by all kinds of facilities, including theatres, arenas, and auditoriums. The software is designed and configured explicitly, keeping these three facilities’ workflows in mind. Venue management is complex — each event’s lifecycle hurries, and the team is expected to move at the same speed, which is humanly impossible. VenueArc simplifies the work of the professionals mentioned above by automating all the time-consuming management tasks with its function-specific tools (more about these tools later). An integrated, well-maintained database also keeps records of the booking, associated events, funds, and customer contacts accessible all the time.

Behind these venues are enormous teams that are departmentalized into different functional units. VenueArc effortlessly brings each department to speed with its fast-updating centralized booking calendar — the absolute powerhouse of this venue management software.

So, a prospect inquires about your auditorium’s availability for a private screening on this specific date? You pull your phone out and run a quick availability check (or event runtime check if the venue is booked on the said date). Consequently, you return instantly to the client with an answer (or an alternative date if the venue is booked) and confirm the booking if he gives the go-ahead. Client details are added on the go; using a suitable template from the embedded contract generator, you generate a contract and are good to go. Your team is instantly made aware of the software arrangement and picks the process up from there.

Make Your Mark in Event Management with VenueArc

The intimidating amount of minutiae around event and venue management often triggers stress, worry, and anxiety during events. The pre-event panic mode begins creeping into your venues, causing minor mishandling here and there. Sounds familiar? Does it come in your way of becoming an event manager like a pro? With VenueArc, there is hope for everyone. VenueArc users have vouched for its efficiency, which frees them of stress and anxiety. By offering current venue performance reports, VenueArc helps you improve your future performance and become an event management pro.

Accidentally Double-booked? Here’s How to Avoid Scheduling Drama

You can’t deny previously being in a situation where you had accidentally double-booked your venue because you and your colleague booked simultaneously without communicating. Even worse is having to tell your client that “the slot you had booked is no longer available,” which sounds like, “sorry, we are unprofessional and incapable of handling our venue bookings.” Such situations are definitely and easily avoidable with VenueArc. VenueArc’s digital booking calendar not only reduces manual paperwork but also ensures that the bookings do not overlap. The information is updated instantaneously and made available to the entire team so that there is no risk of double-booking. You can add, edit, or reschedule existing events instantly without having to shuffle through papers and calendars.

Improve your Upcoming Events’ Performance: Intuitive Reports and BI

What if there was way a singular way of getting insights into finances and the performance of your previous events? To what extent were you booked, and what months were particularly under-booked? See what has been working well for your facility and what hasn’t. With this venue booking software, you get essential, exportable insights for event operations, management, and accounts. You can filter and sort the reports to obtain highlights and summary data according to month, year, day and venue, genre, category, event type, and event status. You can conduct a cross-event analysis with the help of these reports. Leverage these compact performance statistics to tweak your upcoming events!

What Makes VenueArc the Best Event Booking System?

To put VenueArc’s success story precisely in the words of one of our clients, “It will be an understatement to say that it (VenueArc) has made my life easy!”. Its highly secure architecture has attracted the likes of San Diego Theatres, who have shifted their management systems to VenueArc. However, what sets it apart from other contemporary software is its features that solve critical venue booking problems. For example, it offers the option to manage multi-venue operations, allowing booking on consecutive and non-consecutive dates and the ability to manage every aspect of your venue from an intuitive booking calendar. In addition, all the systems are integrated, which allows for complete automation and prevents repetitive tasks and event overlapping.

Get detailed advice on how you can use VenueArc to help your venue management business by scheduling a demo with the booking experts now!

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